your customers

With conversion rate optimization.

your customers

With conversion rate optimization.

How can I help you?

Conversion rate optimization is data-driven and systematic approach to increase the percent of converting customers. Either it’s buying or signing-up, the main goal is the get more revenue trough increase of traffic, conversion rate or average order value.

1. Configure tracking

First thing is to ask right questions. I will help you describe customer story which we want to start tracking. With the help of Google Tag manager we are able to track every single move your website visitor does.

2. measure and analyze

Once you have all the numbers, your customer jorney is still missing the story. I will visualize the whole story and highlight, where your visitors get frustrated and leave.

3. Create an action plan

Now you know where are the weakspots of your website. It's time to improve your website with the help of developers and UX designers.

You can increase revenue up to 20% with simpel website optimization

About me...

I have been in internet marketing field about 5 years and focused on conversion rate optimization last 3 years. My strongest niche is increasing sales in financial and insurance field as I am E-commerce manager for the biggest Nordic Insurance company.

I absolutely love data and formulating it into real story that everybody understand. Even your manager who might not be professional in data driven marketing. I want to help your customers get the service they need. 

You can connect with me in linkedIn.

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